Bridgeport – CT

Bridgeport X-Ray silver recovery 

We offer X-ray films recycling program, the program is for any quantity over 50 lbs. we will provide with a certificate of destruction that follow all HIPAA regulations. We are certified by EPA and follow all data security guidelines.

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We recycle any kind of films Medical film, Printing film, Industrial film,  or any other kind of film you may have.

We can also take films that will be in the jackets or out of the jackets.  we recover the silver out of films, after the process the plastic will be reuse for plastic product.

We are very professional with what we do, we been in the xray recycling industry for more than 10 years.

Bridgeport X-ray films destruction

(469) 440-9729 

We pickup anywhere in Fairfield county 

Fairfield x-ray film recycling -

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