Tips for proper x-ray film disposal

10 tips for disposing of x-ray films properly.

  1. Start your film purging according to your state’s retention law for x-ray films, also make sure you do not dispose of minor’s x-rays and other medical records.
  2. Have your x-rays for disposal organized by year to assure you are purging the right x-rays.
  3. Make sure you choose a room large enough space as purging all of the x-rays you have for disposal.
  4. You do not need to remove you x-ray films from the paper jackets, unless you would like to get more return for the silver recovery.
  5. Place you x-ray film to be disposed of in a place which is close to a loading area.
  6. Find a reputable x-ray film disposal company which operates in your area.
  7. Asked for references of local customers from your proposed x-ray film disposal company.
  8. Make sure you get cash back for the silver reclaimed from your x-ray films.
  9. Make final arrangement for the pick-up of your x-ray films to be recycled, such as boxes if needed and scheduling.
  10. On the day of the pick-up make sure you get a¬†receipt¬†from the x-ray film disposal company which states that your x-rays is now the recycling company’s responsibility.
Please note that not all x-ray films recycling companies are registered with the EPA for recycling x-ray, please make sure you look at the proposed recycling company EPA’s registration page.