X-Ray film disposal & Proper recycling


X-ray film are all over your place and most likely you wish that it will be taken out of your shelf soon as possible.

We here to help you with all you need related to certified recycling services for your old x-rays film, The company specialize in permit disposal for all kinds of x-ray film, such as Medical x rays, radio-graphs, MRI film as well as lithographic film and industrial film.

X-ray films disposal - nationwide services www.xrayfilmsdisposal.com

Silver recovery & X-ray film disposal - Important  Information 

  • All of the x-rays film that we pick-up is for silver recovery purposes only, the silver is recovered from the film and the x-ray films is washed in order to recover all of the silver until the film is completely clear, meaning the films is 100% destructed.
  • We offer free pick-up anywhere in the US including Peurto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska . we also give you cash back for the silver we recover from the x-ray films.

We provide a HIPAA compliant destruction certificate and we are licence with the EPA to ensure Eco-friendly recycling process.

If you have x-rays films you would like to dispose of properly and you would like to know more about our x-ray film disposal recycling program you may call us, or you are more than welcome to fill out our contact form on the right side of this page and one of us will contact you shortly with any information you are looking for.

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We have thousands of customers…Feel free to ask our representative for references!

  • You will get the top clinics or hospitals around you that we recently provide our recycling services.
  • We are always ready to add more customers to our recycling program.

Feel free to call our Toll free number and one of our representative will be glad to help you get rid of your old film and provide more information about the recycling program we have. 

Nationwide X-Ray films disposal service

X-ray film recycling

Montgomery – AL
Birmingham- AL
Little Rock- AR
Phoenix- AZ
Tucson – AZ
Anchorage- AK
Denver- CO
Los Angeles- CA
Hartford- CT
Washington DC
Dover- DE
Tallahassee -FL
Tampa- FL

Miami- FL
Jacksonville- FL
Augusta- GA
Atlanta- GA
Columbus- GA

Valdosta – GA
Honolulu- HI
Boise- ID
Chicago-  IL
Indianapolis- IN
Des Moines- IA
Wichita- KS
Louisville- KY
New Orleans- LA
Baltimore – MD
Boston – MA

Detroit – MI
Minneapolis- MN
Jackson- MS
Kensas City- MO
Billings – MT
Omaha- NE
Las Vegas- NV

Manchester- NH
Albuquerque- NM 
New York City – NY
Charlotte – NC
Fargo – ND
Columbus – OH
Oklahoma City- OK
Portland – OR
Philadelphia- PA
San Juan- PR
Providence – RI
Columbia – SC
Sidoux Falls- SD

Nashville- TN
Houston – TX
Dallas- TX
Beaumont- TX
San Antonio- TX
Fort Worth – TX
Amarillo- TX

Salt Lake- UT
Burlington- VT
Virginia Beach- VA
Seattle- WA
Milwaukee- WI
Cheyenne- WY

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