Frequency Questions and Answers

Question: We have X-ray films in the jackets. Do we need to remove them from the sleeves?

Answer: It depends on the weight you have for recycling.
If you only have a small amount of X-ray film, then you will need to remove the film from the sleeves.

if its a large amount of X-ray films, we sure can take both, Xray films in the jackets or Xray film out of the jackets.

Question: does the X-Ray film recycling service cost anything?

Answer: The X-Ray film pick-up is free of charge. 
If you have enough weight, we will pay you for the films you need to recycle.
We calculated the value of your films by the lbs.

Question: Do you pick-up the xrays films?

Answer: Yes, We pick up the Xray films for free, you need to have at least 50 lbs (out of jackets).
All you have to do is to have all of your films in boxes, or on pallets. 
We will pickup with a 1-day notice.

Question: Do you have a HIPAA compliance certificate of destruction?

Answer: Yes, we provide you with a HIPAA compliance certificate of destruction.
We follow the HIPAA rules, and we are licensed by the EPA (environmental protection agency).

Question: How can we trust your company?

Answer: You can check B.W Recycling Inc on Google and see what other companies think about our service.
We have been in the data destruction business since 2007, and we served more than 40,000 companies.
We are a BBB-accredited business with a solid A+ rating.

Question: How long will it take to get my Certificate of destruction?

Answer: Once your package or your pallet is received in our facilities, within up to 5 business days your account will be settled.
The check and a certificate of destruction for your old X-Ray film will be mailed out. 

You will get an email notification for every step of the progress of your old X-ray films. 

Question: What type of film you accept for recycling?

Answer: We recycle medical X-ray film, MRI Film, Laser film, negative film, Lithographic film, Industrial film, NDE/NDT Film, and more.  

We also recycle Exposed and unexposed film that are called Virgin film. 

Question: Do you offer a free pickup for dental film?

Answer: We accept Dental film, but it must be without paper, charts, plastics, or foils. 

It must be just the actual film.

The reason why is based on the fact that it takes a lot of time to separate the paper or the plastic from the X-ray film. That is why when it comes to dental film we only take clean films without anything attach to them. 

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