Columbia – SC X-ray film disposal Services 

We proud to serve Columbia residents, We have been in the X-ray film recycling since 1995 and we are certified and follow the EPA regulation and proving a HIPAA compliant certificate of destruction.

we recycle many types of x-ray films such as Medical X-ray film, dental Film (only out of jackets) MRI films Printing film and NDT industrial films.

Old films disposal service free of charge, if you have more than 50 lbs we will come to your office and pickup any kind of film you may have,  we reclaim the silver from the films and pay you for the films by the lbs.

free pick-up and we will also pay you for your x-rays you need to dispose of, we pay by the lbs.


Today B.W Recycling providing services to hundreds of customers that have been using our services to dispose of their x-rays.

we can send you references of Clinics or Hospitals that we recently provide our services, you can find out with them how was our service.

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