Dallas X-Ray film disposal – Texas

B.W Recycling recovers the silver from the x-ray film, we recycle all types of medical film MRI, Laser film, Dental, Printing film or industrial film.

our process is 100% Eco-friendly, we reclaim the silver by washing the films and returning the film to clear plastic which is ready for reuse, by this process we have No waste to the landfill.

Dallas X-Ray film disposal is free service for anyone that have x-ray film for recycling, we can come to your Hospital, Clinic, Office and pick-up your old x-ray for free and also actually pay you for the silver we reclaim from the x-ray film.

We provide this service many years we in the recycling business since 1990 we have over 350 customers in Texas state including –  DeSoto, Arlington, Plano, Pasadena, Abilene, San Antonio, Waco, Frisco and all other parts of Texas.

We provide a certificate of disposal HIPAA`s compliance, We are authorized licensed and insured to provide X-ray film recycling services, We have an EPA`s certified Agent number.

With us you can be sure that all of your films and the envelopes will be totally destroy we shred the x-ray film on our shredders machines, we are not a directory or subcontractor, ask us about references, we will be happy to provide it so you can actually call our customer and ask about our recycling program.

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