Indianapolis X-ray film Disposal – IN

Indianapolis X-ray film Disposal is growing up and we proudly serve thousands of clinics and hospitals all over the state. we provide X-ray film disposal services for free, you will also get “Cash Back” for your old film, we can schedule a free a pick-up for any quantity of film you have .

we can supply boxes or bins after you request for a pickup .

we recover the silver out of the film, the process steps is first shredding the films than washing all the film.

the process is 100% EPA friendly . we follow all the guidelines regulations.
we provide certificate of destruction follow by the HIPAA  compliant.

we recycle x-ray film, MRI film, Litho film, Industrial film call now if you have any type of film for disposal purpose.

Call Us with any of you question or scheduling a pick-up . you may also fill out the form in the right hand side of the page .

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