New Orleans X-Ray film Disposal – LA

X-Ray film recycling is necessarily for today`s world bad pollution situation, there are many hospitals, clinics, and medical offices that stores thousands of x-rays film and not aware of into recycle the films properly, The state of Louisiana require Doctors and all Health service providers by the law to recycle the plastic film with certified recycling company.

B.W Recycling is a company that specialize in disposal x-ray film properly for all types of plastic film and in the recycing business since 1990.

we provide certificate of destruction follow by HIPAA`s guideline 2012, we are registered and insured by the EPA`s regulation,
We are authorize to supply recycling services anywhere in Louisiana.


New Orleans x-ray film disposal service is 100% free, we also pay you for the old x-ray film that we pick-up, the film has value for us, we process the film and recover the silver, We offer our x-ray film disposal services to all state of LA – including Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Bossier City, Baker or any other location in Louisiana.

we have thousand of customers all over the state, we can send you references, with clinics or hospitals that we provide our service recently.

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