Anchorage X-ray film Disposal & Recovery

We provide X-ray film recycling our service is 100% Eco-friendly, we recycle the x-ray film according to the EPA`s guideline, we also have an EPA`s certified number agent.

We provide in Anchorage X-ray film disposal for free, we also pay for the x-ray film we process for silver reclamation, We serve all parts of Alaska including Juneau, Fairbanks, Sitka, Ketchikan and all other places in AK.

You can use this tool to check estimate weight of your film. in AK we only take X-Ray films that are out of jackets and there is a minimum weight we take. 

We recycle any kind of film Medical Film, Printing film, Industrial Film, Commercial film or any other type of film you may have, call now to find out the value of your old film

Feel free to call our Recycling Customer service to answer your question or schedule a pickup for your x-ray film, you may also check this page Common question about our x-ray films disposal.

The films contain a silver coating that we are process from the x-ray films.. 

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