Columbus x-ray film disposal – Ohio

Get cashback for your old x-ray film, also the films will be picked up for free from your clinic, hospital, storage facility or any place you keep your films, the service is sometimes done on the same day you called for a pickup. Anywhere in OH, including – Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Springfield, Lima or any other location in Ohio.

Anywhere in the OH, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Springfield, Lima or any other location in Ohio.

Columbus x-ray film disposal made for all types of films, X-ray film, MRI film, Dental film, Litho film, Industrial film, we also take other types of rare films that are not on this list.

Today`s Silver market is pretty low-med compared to 2021`s was very high, due to that fact, it doesn’t mean that the films should go to landfill or remain in your office until the silver market will be high as 2012. We must recycle the film accordingly.

We will provide our certificate of destruction followed by strict HIPAA guidelines. for any amount of film that we will receive from you, whether if this will be in X-ray films in the jackets or Xrays films out of the jackets.

We shred all the x-rays in our facility so you can be sure all the patient names and the data will be completely destroyed,

the company provide shredding services and disposal of x-ray film since 1990. we have license and insurance to provide film disposal by the EPA we have an EPA`s Agent number. you can be sure that we are not a directory or duplicate company that will pass the material to another service provider.

For more information call our toll-free number and will be happy to help you.

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