Fort Lauderdale X-Ray films disposal services 

We recycle any kind of X-Ray film the films can be stored in your clinic storage or a warehouse. 

the service is absolutely free of charge if you have more than 50 lbs. we can come to your location and pick up your old Xray films in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Broward county. we take Xrays that are in jackets can be in a manila folder or regular jacket. you can also remove the jackets and recycle films that are with no paper or jackets. 

Dental films should be out of jackets with no charts cardboard plastic or foils. just the actual films when it comes to the Dental films.

We also take MRI, Cat scans, and CT X-ray films. 

our process is 100% eco-friendly and we follow the HIPAA guidelines to ensure the patient information remains confidential. we will provide a certificate of destruction that you can keep in a file for future references.

we have been in the recycling business since 2008 and provided x-ray films recycling services. fir more than 10,000 customers around the nation. we provide very fast service and our customer service is always very professional, try us and you will be surprised how easy you can get your films out of your way. 

We recycle 

  • Medical X-Ray films 
  • MRI Cat scan and Laser films 
  • Lithographic films
  • newspaper films
  • Industrial films
  • Silver trap
  • Exposed films and unexposed Xray films. 

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