Full spine X-Ray films Recycling

We recycle Full spine xray films and all other films for silver and plastic purposes, the films are coated with silver and the films are made by PET plastic that must be recycled.

Most likely this kind of films gets very heavy and people are not a ware of it. if you want to know the weight it can be calculated by measuring the dimensions. Click here to find out how many labs you may have. 

Some Doctors does not know about the heavy weight they are keeping in their storage or in the office, they always underestimate the weight about 200% – 300% less than the actual weight.

Full spine body x-ray films

X-RAY films recycling boxing

boxing this type of films might looks hard, but if you take a small pile of x-ray films and fold them into a box and repeat this steps until the box is completely full you can easily fill up the box with 50-70 lbs.

the best box dimension is 15x18x12 it’s a medium size box and very easy to find it anywhere (Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Office Depot U-Haul etc…) you sure can use different dimensions such as 16x18x12 or 17x18x12.

We recycle any kind of X-ray film it can be medical film Dental out of jackets, NDT film Litho film or any other type of film you may have, the films is being disposed of by shredding them and then steamer chemical wash. our process is 100% ECO-Friendly and follows by the EPA regulations.

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