Houston X-ray film disposal – TX

B.W Recycling Inc will help you dispose of properly all of your old x-ray films by providing you a free pick-up and even paying you for your old x-ray film.  the film’s value calculation is by the Lb. Use our chart to find out your estimated weight.

Today our Houston x-ray film disposal services consider the best service in the recycling industry. Ask for references.

We come to your clinic, hospital, animal hospital, chiropractors, medical office, Storage, Basement, or anywhere you need it picked up so your space will be clean and ready for other stuff. 

We are licensed and insured by the EPA to provide film disposal & recycling Anywhere in Texas, including – Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Plano, Fort Worth, Austin, Victoria, or any other location in Texas.

We have been providing our services since 2007. We service more than 1000 customers just in Houston – TX, and we provide references so you can call and find out what other Doctors think about our x-ray film disposal in Houston.


We provide a certificate of destruction followed by the HIPAA guideline. We accept films in the envelopes or out of the Envelopes. We can send you all the packing supplies you might need, including boxes, bins, barrels, and pallets.

Ask for help, and we will be right there. In most cases, we can pick up X-Ray films on the same day you called.

We extract the silver out of films by washing the x-ray films, which means a unique eco-system – the plastic film turns from black to transparent and is 100% recycled – No waste, No harm to the landfill.

Please feel free to call our toll-free number, and we will be happy to help you. You can also fill out the form on this page with your question or request, and we’ll be sure to call you shortly.

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