Jackson X-ray film disposal – MS

We specialize in film recycling since 1990 and we are certified to recycle all types of film including X-ray film, MRI film, Litho film, Industrial film and all other rare types of films, We have an EPA certified agent number.

Jackson x-ray film disposal services can help you remove your old film from your office fast and secured along with a free pick-up and also receive a payment for your old or out of date x-rays film, we calculate the value of your film by the lbs, use this chart for a quick estimate.



We provide free pick-up anywhere in Mississippi state including Southavencity,  Gulfport city, Meridian city,  Greenville City, Vicksburg City, Hattiesburg City and all other cities in Mississippi.

the film that we will receive in the facility will be shredded first, then the films will be washed in order the remove the silver the process is 100% EPA friendly and under HIPAA regulations, so you can be sure that your old films will be destroyed and recycle properly.

we will provide you HIPAA`s compliant certificate of destruction.

We take films in jackets and out of the jackets.

Remember, throwing x-ray films in the trash is prohibited and illegal, save our planet and think about tomorrow.

For more information about our Recycling Program feel free to call us and one of will be happy to assist you shortly. you can also fill out the form in the right side hand side we will call you soon as possible.

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