Milwaukee X-Ray film disposal – WI

B.W Recycling is offering solutions to your old x-ray film anywhere in the state of Wisconsin including – Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha, Brookfield, Neenah and all other cities in Milwaukee state.

Milwaukee X-Ray film disposal service is offering free pickup anywhere you need it in the state, you will also get a cash-back for your films you need to get off.

The service is 100% Eco-Friendly, the paper and the plastic (films) is being shredded in our facility, you will get a Certificate of Disposal by us and this certificate is HIPAA compliant.

We take the film in the sleeves (Yellow – White Jackets) or of the sleeves, we take medical films X-ray film, MRI film, Printing film-Litho films, Industrial films we follow by the EPA`s regulation and have a Certified EPA`s agent number.

Call our toll-free number with any questions you have or if want to schedule a pickup, you can also fill out the form you have on the bottom of the page, one of us will contact you shortly.


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