Minneapolis X-ray film disposal – MN

We pick-up x-ray film for recycling in Minneapolis, we will pay you for the old x-rays film that we pick-up, we provide a certificate of destruction for the x-rays.

We serve all cities in MN – Plymouth, Burnsville, Mizpah, Halma, and all other cities in Minnesota.

Minneapolis x-ray film disposal & silver reclamation 

The pick-up is 100% free in any city or county Minnesota, we are licensed and insured and follow all EPA’s and HIPAA’s guidelines and regulations for recycling x-ray and other radiology films.

We buy all types of x-ray film including medical x-ray film for disposal, lithographic film, and industrial x-ray film.



We have hundreds of hospitals and clinics that we recycled their old x-rays film and provide disposal services. We can provide you some references of recently hospital and clinics that been using our services and will let you know what do they think about us.

If you have any scrap x-ray film you would like us to pick-up from you in Minnesota or you have any questions about our x ray recycling program, please feel free to call us or simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page and one of us will be happy to assist you shortly.


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