San Antonio X-ray film disposal & Recycling

We recycle all kinds of film for silver recovery, We purge x-ray film, MRI film, Laser film, Dental film, Micro film, Lithograph film, Industrial film or any others types of films that in the market.

We offer free pick-up anywhere in Texas, We will come to your clinic, hospital, office and pick-up your x-ray film we have a daily pickup in San Antonio,
We will also pay you for your old film, We calculate value of the x-ray film by the lb.
use this easy tool to find out your estimate weight you have.

San Antonio X-ray film disposal services is 100% Eco-friendly, we are register and insured to provide x-ray film disposal & shredding services, we follow by all of the HIPAA`s regulation, We have an EPA`s agent certified number.

We provide certificate of destruction for any quantity of film tat we pick-up.

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