Tampa Xray film disposal

Recycling your X-Ray film can be very confusing, We are here to ensure you will find a proper company that will handle your old films by accordingly and certified.

We have been in the data destruction business since 1990 and we have thousands of customers that very comfortable with our services

We pick up any kind of X ray films for recycling such as Medical films, MRI Films Mamo Films, Dental films Litho film NDT/NDE film etc… the films are being shredded and washed by chemicals to remove to silver.

We take xray film in the jackets out of the jackets expose film or unexposed film new or old wet or dry. wheater if you have them on your shelf on the floor or just in loose boxes in the storage.

We are providing Certificate of destruction for the films we receive we are HIPAA compliance and certified by the EPA to provide this kind of services.

if you need your films to be picked up today or tomorrow we sure can help we are very professional in what we do, if you need boxes bins, barrels or any other packing supply we can do that as well.

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