Washington DC x-ray film disposal

Recycling your x-ray might be very confusing for you, you probably don`t know who should you choose and what kind of restriction you need to follow.

B.W Recycling knows that there are many companies that can provide x-ray film disposal services in the State of Washington, but not all of them are Certified by EPA`s and also have an EPA`s agent number, also not all of them process the film in-house, most of them are sub-contractor or just a directory.  WE are not like this.

We offer free pick up anywhere in the District of Columbia We also pay for the films we take, we process the silver out of the films we take, all of our services are 100% Eco-Friendly, we can even supply Boxes, Bins, Barrels or any other packing supply you may need.

Washington DC x-ray film disposal is service that we having a lot of customers using our company to dispose of their films from time to time, ask for references and we will be happy to provide it.


We can recycle any kind of film, such as medical film, MRI film, x-ray film, Radiology film, Industrial film, ndt film, Printing film Litho film or any other, Expose film or unexposed film, in the envelopes or out of the jackets, feel free to contact us for more type of film we buy.

Feel free to contact our customer service about our Recycling program, you can fill out the form you on this page and we will contact you shortly.

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