Wichita x-ray film disposal – KS

Wichita x-ray film disposal services are for free, We pay for the x-ray film you need to dispose of, we recycle the film for the silver recovery, we pick-up in all parts of Kansas including Overland Park, Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence, Olathe, Manhattan and all other location in KS

the Pick-up is free all over the country, we need a large quantity (more than 50 lbs)

We provide a certificate of destruction for the x-ray film disposal process, our process is Eco-friendly and we meet all HIPAA and EPA guidelines.

We buy all types of radiology film other than medical x-ray film such as lithographic and industrial x-ray film for recycling.


We are licensed and insured to provide disposal x-ray film services and recycling services all over the state of Kansas.
We provide fast and professional service.  ask for references to be sure you are dealing with the best company in Kansas.

If you have x-ray film you would like to be picked up for recycling, or you need more information about our recycling program, please fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page and one of us will contact you shortly with the information you need, you can also call us.

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