Cities and States we Serve

B.W Recycling Inc, consider as the one of the largest company in the industry, providing x-ray film disposal services anywhere in the US, ability to receive all kinds of films laser film, MRI film, Litho film, industrial, dry/wet or any other type of film,  services are 100% free,  we can even supply you the packing materials.

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Montgomery – AL
Birmingham- AL
Little Rock- AR
Phoenix- AZ
Tucson – AZ
Anchorage- AK
Denver- CO
Los Angeles- CA
Hartford- CT

Bridgeport – CT
Washington DC
Dover- DE
Tallahassee -FL
Tampa- FL

Miami- FL
Jacksonville- FL
Augusta- GA
Atlanta- GA
Columbus- GA
Valdosta – GA
Honolulu- HI
Boise- ID

Chicago-  IL
Indianapolis- IN
Des Moines- IA
Wichita- KS
Louisville- KY
New Orleans- LA
Baltimore – MD
Boston – MA
Detroit – MI
Minneapolis- MN
Jackson- MS
Kensas City- MO
Billings – MT
Omaha- NE
Las Vegas- NV
Manchester- NH
Albuquerque- NM 
New York City – NY
Charlotte – NC
Fargo – ND
Columbus – OH
Oklahoma City- OK
Portland – OR
Philadelphia- PA
San Juan- PR
Providence – RI
Columbia – SC
Sidoux Falls- SD
Nashville- TN
Houston – TX
Dallas- TX
Beaumont- TX
San Antonio- TX
Amarillo- TX
Salt Lake- UT
Burlington- VT
Virginia Beach- VA
Seattle- WA
Milwaukee- WI
Cheyenne- WY


Join now to the leaders of the recycling.x-ray film disposal-

We keep growing up and having more and more doctors, physicians and health groups that already joined our recycling programs . 

B.W Recycling can offer you references with hospitals, clinics or industry companies that we recently provide our services in your area . we have thousands of customers that we serve daily, We have no directory or sub-contractors .

With us you can be sure you are in good Hands.

X-ray film recycling